15. "Assalamu' alikum" (Goodbye), "Walikum Assalam" (Peace be upon you)

And so to Jerusalem

Gilo 300 checkpoint between Bethlehem and Jerusalem
for a little sightseeing

Jerusalem from Jabel ez-Zeitoun (Mount of Olives)
a little religion
The Russian Orthodox Church of Saint Alexander Nevsky

 a little shopping 

Al-Wad street in the Muslim Quarter

 a little entertainment
Mahane Yehuda Market
a visit to Mea Shearim*

Mae Shearim (internet image)

and to celebrate Eid al Adha**
Shopping for sweets near Damascus gate on the eve of Eid al Adha

*Mea Shearim is an ultra Orthodox neighbourhood of Jerusalem populated mainly by Haredi Jews.  It has been described as like walking into a 19th century Eastern European 'shtetl'.  I have long been interested and intrigued.  However it is NOT a tourist site or a place for 'gwarking' and I sought some good advice on dress and behaviour before my visit.

**Eid Al Adha is a major Muslim festival of sacrifice which commemorates the prophet Ibrahim's sacrifice of his son, Ishmael, to Allah as an act obedience. "Eid Mubarak" - have a blessed Eid.

My journey was organised by the Siraj Centre
through the Alternative Tourism Group, Palestine

I am most grateful to Jawad who answered all my questions
and put up with my impatient, nagging e-mails!